William Jones "Bill" Childs

Was born April 16, 1923, in Montgomery Alabama. He became interested in Mechanics while attending Alabama State University. He became a mechanic and began his career as a mechanic at Craig Air Force Base in Selma, Alabama. He transitioned to Tuskegee, Alabama continuing his career as an aircraft mechanic for The Tuskegee Airman at Franklin Field and later at Moton Field (Tuskegee, Al).

As a mechanic he learned to fly and always test flew the plane(s) he serviced before returning it to the flight line. Bill was ranked as the 82nd best aircraft mechanic/fabricator in all North America and was recognized as a Tuskegee Airman when the Nation decided support personnel were Tuskegee Airmen. He was also the first Back Justice of the Peace in Macon County, Alabama and served 2 terms (8 years)

Bill was a charter member of NAI (Negro Airmen International), and a founding member of the Flying Organization. Bill was one of three (William "Bill" Childs, C. Alfred "Chief" Anderson and John W. Hicks, Jr.) of the founding members of the NAI, Chief Anderson Chapter. He served as the Secretary and Treasurer. The 3 became flying buddies, never missing a national meeting or organization meeting.

William "Bill" Childs and John W. Hicks, Jr. flew three legs of the Anderson/Forsyth commemoration flight after the death of Chief Anderson. The final leg from Tuskegee to Birmingham was to commemorate Chief Anderson Postal Stamp.

William "Bill" was among the initial members of the organization present in the forming and organizing Black Pilots of America (BPA) organization in 1997.

William "Bill" Childs last flight was February 6, 2013, when he earned his wings.

Tuskegee Golden Hawks, AL