Fred Lewis

In 1989 Fred was introduced to aviation by Dave Alexander a pilot who gave him a flight as a birthday present. In 1990 Fred made his first trip Tuskegee AL. and the first person to greet him was Chief Alfred Anderson. During that weekend he met hundreds of other black pilots which inspired him to pursue his pilots license. Two years later he received his Private Pilots License.

In 1997 He was one of the founding members of the Black Pilots of America. He was elected as the first secretary of BPA. In 1999 he was elected National President of the Black Pilots of America. As president, he continued to look for ways to improve the premiere student program, the BPA Summer Flight Academy. In 2003 with assistants from local member, The Bronze Eagles Flight Club of Texas, he presented the BPA Summer Flight Academy Program to the administration at Texas Southern University and the program was moved to Houston. Presently he is the Operations Officer for the flight academy.

Since the establishment of BPA, Fred has held following offices, President, Vice-President, Secretary, two terms as Chairman of the Board and currently the membership Chairman. On the Local level he has served a President, Secretary, and currently Sgt at arms.

Bronze Eagles, TX