Hubert Looney

I have been a member of the BPA since its inception in 1997, as you can see by my membership number. Since becoming a member, I have been involved in several ways by working on the Skyhook volunteer Committee, assisting with the BPA Summer Flight Academy with academic instruction, BPA student transportation, Skyhook Pilot Dispatching, Event Judging, and planning and most recently Skyhook competition Air Boss.

Besides being a member of BPA, I am a member of several other Aviation Organizations which gives me the Aviation perspective from other like organizations. Those organizations are the AOPA, EAA, USPA, MPA, COO, ABS, GEM, and the CAF.

Other careers that I have enjoyed and experienced is that I am a Retired Missouri Highway Patrolman, a retired Military Veteran.

I still fly regularly as a Flight Safety Officer on a CAF B-25 J WWII Bomber, and as the Pilot of a WWII reconnaissance airplane, the L-3 which is also a CAF aircraft.

I serve as Vice President, Chief Pilot, and Safety Officer for the Lewis Lynch Chapter and did the same when the chapter was known as The Gateway Eagles of Missouri.

During my tenure with the BPA, I have attended no less than 16 National meetings and every Skyhook except One since 1997.

It is my belief the BPA exists through the efforts of those members that contribute to the overall mission of the BPA, and I plan to offer my help wherever it is needed when possible.

Lewis Lynch Chapter, MO