Juan C. Haygood

Juan C. Haygood has been a regular member of the Black Pilots of America for over 33 years. Starting in 1983 prior to its inception as the Negro Airmen International . And a member in good standing all of those years until his death on July 4, 2016.

Juan's attendance at the National level events includes all of the National board meetings that have taken place at Tuskegee, Alabama; Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Houston Texas; Skyhook and membership meeting since 1978.

Juan has held leadership positions at both the national and local BPA as officer of President in the local GACC-BPA, at the National Level as the Treasurer..
* In the years of 2005 to 2011 he has served on the membership committee.
* In the years 2011 to 2013 he served and competed in many flying competition at Skyhook.

Juan has contributed many volunteer hours at the National level of BPA in the capacity of the following:
* Assistant to the flight instructions at the Flight Academy in teaching ground school, consecutive years from 1999 to 2010.

Juan has made significant contribution to the viability and sustainability of BPA at both national and local levels, as noted in the above rankings. His FAA rating as Instrument Pilot and other ratings include Commercial License.

In summary Juan Charles Haygood who was born in Detroit, Michigan on July 15, 1945 and grew up with a fervent passion for aviation since his youth. He was intrigued by electronics and studied numerous books to learn how things worked by disassembling and reassembling radios, televisions and record payers that were available to him.

He graduated from Chadsey Public High school in 1963 and joined the U.S Army where he excelled in Avionics (Aviation Electronics) and trained at Fort Gordon Georgia, signal school, and served in Germany. Juan went on to further his education and received a Baccalaureate degree from Wayne State University in 1975 in Business Administration.

Juan's greatest passion was flying airplanes. And he proudly owned/co-owned two aircrafts and flew them at every opportunity. He also owned and operated several businesses which included two hardware stores; and contributed to community development and entrepreneurial endeavors as realtor, income tax preparer, photographer, television repairman.

Juan was employed at Lear Jet Stereo Division, Burroughs Corporation, Ford Motor company as an Electrical engineer, Kays Television Repair and American Airlines. Juan's achievements and contributions beyond the realms of his family, community, colleagues, and service to his country is the legacy he leaves that inspires others and those who have interest in the field of aviation to acknowledge and celebrate his lifelong accomplishments in the Black Pilots of America's Hall of Fame. .

Detroit, MI