Julius Alexander

Graduated from Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta in 1954. He attended Tuskegee Institute for one school year. He made his first solo flight in a Piper J-3 Cub on January 22, 1956. He graduated from Morehouse College in 1959. He began teaching at Luther Judson Price High School and in 1965 he was selected to teach an aviation course at Price, O'Keefe, Booker T. Washington and Brown High Schools. In 1968 Alexander wrote a major Article for Science Activities Magazine, a national education publication, entitled "Wings for the Black Ghetto." Alexander, during his tenure as a high school aviation teacher earned FAA certifications as a ground instructor, commercial pilot, multi-engine pilot, and flight instructor for single and multi-engine airplanes. He was the first African American CFI to instruct at Fulton County, Brown Airport, Atlanta.

Mr. Alexander is a natural leader. His reputation for "making things happen" is known by people across America. Through his initiative, he created, built, and continues to run the ACE Academy for boys and girls. This institution has provided a pathway for students to enter the fields of aviation and aerospace. A check of the major and regional airlines will reveal a number of employees who started their careers with Mr Alexander.

His influence on students, families, and communities has always been positive and constructive. If there is ever a question that needs an answer, Mr. Alexander is the "go to person." Parents take comfort in seeking his advice and counsel as he prepares their children to enter a world that has often been hidden or unavailable to them. In this regard, Mr. Alexander is a gatekeeper who eagerly gives his students the keys to enormous opportunities.

In summation, Mr. Alexander has mastered every role he has been tasked with. As a leader, educator, entrepreneur, aviator, husband, family man, and mentor to many, Mr Alexander has given unselfishly of his time, talent, and resources. He possesses a servant's heart and is a blessing to all who been in his presence. As you elevate Mr. Alexander to the hall of fame, you can be assured that he will be one of the finest examples of the kind of person the BPA represents.

I met Mr. Alexander in 1970 as a young boy as he trained my dad Mr. Richard A Youngblood SR. how to fly in a Cessna 172. My dad was the 15th student that Mr. Alexander soloed. Since then, Mr. Alexander has trained hundreds of individuals devoting his life to building a platform to teach, train and educate primarily to young children but some adults as well.

I too was a student of Mr. Alexander. He taught me to fly and solo in a Cessna 172 just like he did for my dad. Thanks to him I am a Second-Generation aviator. I became the 152nd student that soled. Mr. Alexander continued to train and mentor me as I went on to earn my private pilot license. He inspired me to buy my own airplane and continued mentor me through flight training, Ownership and my A&P license.

Mr. Alexander founded the non-profit Aviation Career Enrichment (ACE) program at the Fulton County "Brown Field" airport in 1980 with the vision of exposing young kids to the world of Aviation and Aero Space. This program has grown year by year. Over the past 42 years operating under the vision and moto "MOLDING PROTEGES INTO PROFESSIONALS", ACE has produced private pilots, airline pilots and have even inspired some students to earn their Airframe and Power Plant license.

Mr. Julius J Alexander has made significant and immeasurable contributions and has lived a lifetime of commitment to the Aviation world and community

As recognition of his distinguished career in aviation, Atlanta Raptor Chief Pilot Julius Alexander was inducted into the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame on April 9, 2011. He is only the third African American following Eugene Jacques Bullard, World War I aviator from Macon GA and Georgia resident and Tuskegee Airman Charles "A-Train" Dryden. In 2017, the FAA awarded Julius the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award for his fifty years of service to the aviation industry.

Atlanta Raptors Chapter, GA