Harold Moss

Member 97-149

I have been a member of the Black Pilots of America since 1997. Since then, I have served as the first and only president of the Lewis Lynch (St. Louis) chapter of BPA. He started pilot training in 1975 and earned his private pilot license in 1976. In subsequent years he earned his instrument rating, commercial rating, multi-engine rating and commercial multi-engine and instrument rating and retired as a Commercial Pilot

During his time serving as a Chapter President and member of BPA, he has attended 21 national Board and Membership meetings plus 23 Operation Skyhooks. He held the office of Chairman of the Board 2012 to 2016. While serving on the Audit/Finance Committee 2005-2006 he performed an audit/review of the BPA financials from inception (1997) through 2006. He worked on the Skyhook Planning Committee during 2018 and has volunteered as a competition judge during 20 Skyhooks.

Lewis Lynch Chapter, MO