Operation Skyhook
Annual Fly-in & Flying Competition

The largest event attended for Black Pilots of America is the Annual Memorial Day Fly-in "Operation Skyhook." Member chapters arrive for a weekend of fun, aviation camaraderie, and serious flying competition. Most competitors own their own aircraft and take immense pride in showing off not only the look of their most prized possession, but its performance and capabilities as well.

The event brings in dozens of spectators from the surrounding area, and generous BPA members volunteer to give airplane rides - "Young Eagle Flights" - to hundreds of enthusiastic children. 

We culminate Operation Skyhook with an awards banquet where trophies are awarded to the members who have demonstrated their superior flying skills, along with a highly-sought-after trophy for the chapter with the highest accumulated points. Bragging rights are determined and an individual "Top Gun" award is given to the supreme pilot who accumulated the highest number of points for their individual performance during the competition.

Operation Skyhook is a fun time for our members and for all in attendance and based at Grider Field in Pine Bluff.