Chapter Development

In order to form a Chapter, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Acquire at least five (5) Regular members
  • In order to help establish a new Chapter, the National President, with the approval of the National Board of Directors, shall appoint an Interim Chapter President. Upon establishment of the new Chapter, the chapter officers shall be elected by the majority of its regular members.
  • The Officers of the Chapter shall be the President, Vice-President, Chief Pilot, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • The Chapter shall be registered in that particular state by the first Chapter President. Registration fees, if any, shall be paid by the National Treasury.
  • If for any reason the first Chapter President failed to register the organization, it shall be the duty of the subsequent Chapter President.
  • The term of all officers will be two (2) years.
  • A chapter representative will be elected by the regular members of the Chapter. A chapter having five (5) or more regular members is entitled to one (1) chapter representative on the Board of Directors. Chapters having twenty-one (21) or more regular members are entitled to have two (2) chapter representatives on the Board of Directors.
  • A new chapter may be issued a charter provided it is not physically located within 50 statute miles of a currently chartered chapter. This section does not apply to a chapter in another state, but within 50 statute miles of a currently chartered chapter. The National Board of Directors may grant exceptions to this section if the currently chartered chapter, expresses, in writing, that it does not oppose the charter of a new chapter within 50 miles and within the same state.
  • The duration of the chapter shall be one calendar year as certified by the issuance of an Annual Charter from the National Board of Directors.
  • The chapter shall function under the jurisdiction of the National Board.
  • All members of a chapter must be a member of and pay dues to the National Organization.
  • All chapters are required to obtain a new charter at the beginning of each year.
  • A copy of a Chapters’ bylaws must be approved by the National organization, BPA, prior to receiving Chapter status,
  • All BPA Chapters are required to provide a semi-annual report at the BPA membership meeting during August. This report should include programs and activities undertaken during this period; programs and activities in the planning stages; a Chapter financial report; list of active members; list of officers.
  • A draft copy of the bylaws can be obtained from our Operations Officer, Sam Washington.

Sam Washington, Operations Officers
Pine Bluff, AR
Phone: (662) 719-3911