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Join Us for this Special Event - Wednesday, April 21, 2021 - 3:30 pm PDT, 6:30 pm EST

Comcast NBC Universal's Black Employee & Veteran Networks are hosting a panel discussion for "The Sky's the Limit" - how history influences our present and our future.

To prepare for the event, consider watching the History Channel documentary "Tuskegee Airmen: Legacy of Courage." If you don't have access to Xfinity or the History Channel you can watch the documentary here.

Registration for the panel discussion is encouraged: 
visit https://www.naamnw.org/events/tuskegee-airmen

Speakers will include BPA's own Sam Williamson, Vice-President of the Dr. Albert E. Forsythe Chapter, and Dwight Palmer, member of the Red-Tailed Hawks Flying Clue and Airway Science for Kids.

University Student Research Challenge (USRC)

University Student Research Challenge (solicitation NNH20ZEA001N-USRC) seeks to challenge students to propose new aeronautics ideas/concepts that are relevant to NASA Aeronautics.  USRC will provide students, from accredited U.S. colleges or universities, with grants for their projects and it includes the challenge of raising a modest amount of cost-share funds through a crowdfunding platform.  The process of creating and preparing a crowdfunding campaign acts as a teaching accelerator - requiring students to act like entrepreneurs and taking action.  Crowdfunding also raises awareness about students’ research among the public.

The solicitation goal can be accomplished through project ideas such as advancing the design, developing technology or capabilities in support of aviation, by demonstrating a novel concept, or enabling the advancement of aeronautics-related technologies.

Notices of Intent (NOIs) are not required for this solicitation.  Three-page proposals for the next USRC cycle are due June 24, 2021.

Expanding Global Empire Seeks Digital Marketing Talent
Supporting their super-cool solution for small airports and heliports - www.potomac-aviation.com

Good Morning Potomac Pilots and Interested Viewers!

Thanks to all of you for circulating this around.   Please continue to do so.

I am being pinged by various people.  Excellent.  My search/evaluation continues.

While I very much appreciate the enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, at this point I really need people who already know how to do this stuff.  I think I know what needs to
be done.

I need maybe four or five talents, which may be teams, individuals, or a few magical multi-talented people.  I will also consider firms and will be delighted to hear their 'pitch'

Things will go much smoother if those involved are pilots because they will already understand the 'landscape.'


The 'scope of work' I need is becoming more clear:

1. Expert in Search Engine Optimization:  WordPress or?

Someone who knows how to configure SEO in WordPress for google, Facebook ads, etc.
While I appreciate enthusiasm to learn new things, I need experience.

The website is currently on WordPress, which has lots of SEO stuff.
I will even consider other hosting if someone can convince me it's really any better.

2. Expert in google advertising

I have set up preliminary google search ads, which are working...sort of. 
I need someone who already knows how to optimize all this.
I don't even want to read another 'pop out' explanation.

The challenge is, our technology isn't "another X," but something fundamentally new and unique.
For example, in the 1980s no one was searching on 'cell phone,' so configuring 'cellphone' as a search would be pointless.  My task is for our tech to appear in the shopping aisles for similar things.

For example, anyone searching for "AWOS" or "REMOTE TOWER" needs to find out about our option.

3.  Expert in Facebook advertising

In our decision tree 'buyers' are rarely pilots, usually airport management, county employees, etc.
Our system benefits pilots who are rarely the buyers or decision-makers.
But, pilots who benefit and thereby drive demand, "Hey, we ought to get one of these!"

The best tool so far is probably making us sing on Facebook among pilots and aviation groups.
I need someone who already knows how to do that.
If someone is a pilot, I don't have to teach them what is of interest to other pilots.

4. Expert Aviation Media Writer

In the publishing world, press releases are what stir things up.
It would be easy to buy a bazillion dollars of advertising, but nobody reads that anymore.

I need
someone who is an active aviation writer (so I don't have to explain everything).
Who also either knows all the relevant publications and editors, or who can quickly research same,
without my having to show them what to do.

I will then tell that writer the many tales of our many adventures and installations. 
Their job will be to write them up, get them circulated AND published.

This person may also work with #5 below.

5.  Expert in CRM - need help w CRM content

I have a Zoho CRM setup and a Zoho guru.  He's great, but he's not a pilot.

Someone who understands what I am trying to do could help develop more CRM content as well.  ....without first having to squeeze ALL the juice out of my frontal lobes!

So there you are.  Let the games begin!

David Wartofsky 
+1 301 248 5720  USA
or my famous airport email  bigcheese@potomac-airfield.com